It truly is under reservation list of the Government Land Sales programme and a developer has perpetrated a minimum bid for the advancement. The total amount of bids received for the tender is 1 1 and this signals that there are great fascination with the plum site despite market conditions. Analyzers note the developers are eager to shore up their property banks due to the fact that there are now less sites available on the market and therefore this parcel managed to assemble many interest among the developers.

City Developments Limited (CDL), the developer for the winning bid for the Lorong Lew Lian site is quite experienced forestwood residences in creating new launch in the area as it’s also the developer for neighbouring Bartley Ridge and Bartley Dwellings. Plans are under way for the landscape building of Forestwood Residences condo which includes a tennis court for some quality time with your family together with a swimming pool for the residents to relax. Additionally, there are plans to include both an indoor and outdoor fitness center.

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